About us

We are an independent shop that has evolved from a trip to Ireland where two friends discovered their Pagan roots. After our trip, the creative juices flowed and the first few years were spent in tents at festivals with our hand made wares. Eventually we put it out to the universe our desire to have a brick and mortar shop on Main Street Milton.

So here we are at 218 Main St. E., Milton ON Canada

Nature's Spirit storefront
The home of Nature's Spirit

A little more about us….


Bev O’Reilly comes from a large Canadian family who’s parents instilled their Irish traditions, such as offering a ‘cuppa’ tea. Bev has brought this welcoming family feeling to her shop. Her family tree also branches to Newfoundland and Labrador as a descendant of the Mi’kmaq people.

~Her favorite crystal is Labradorite!


Suzanne Turner, although laughing in this picture, is often seen as ‘the quiet one’. Born and raised in Milton her family also has Irish roots and this is how she met Bev, through their shared desire to see Ireland. Suzanne became interested in ‘the occult’ as a teenager and often did school projects on subjects involving philosophy, ancient religions and mysticism. A safe place to share ideas is what she hopes to provide in her shop.

~Her favorite crystal is Quartz!